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5 Marketing Trends in 2016 to Boost Your Campaigns

When marketing services or products, it is very important that you stay updated on current trends otherwise, you will still be in the past. The implication of staying in the past is that everybody will leave you behind including your customers. Technology is a factor that has made things easier and with new technologies come easier and more effective way of doing things. Your marketing must therefore develop with technology so that you are aware of the latest trends and you are also able to exploit them to the fullest. 5 marketing trends in 2016 to boost your campaigns are discussed below.

Mobile Payments

iphone-624709_1920When you are able to receive payments through your mobile platform, then you will be able to keep every customer what wants to patronize you. A lot of businesses have lost customers due to the singular reason of not having a means of receiving payment through mobile phone. This is considering the fact that a lot of people now pay for products and services through mobile phone since it is handy.

Social media

Presently, there are several social media on the Internet, with a lot of them having over 700,000 members. Prominent amongst social media platforms are Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter amongst others. It is important to make use of these platforms to advertise your businesses, due to the huge number of users on such platform. The idea is to expose your products and services to the people so that they can request for it when they need it.

Mobile advertising

When you are making plans to advertise online, you should also make sure that you make plans for the viewing of laptop-1071779_1920such adverts of mobile phones. A lot of people browse with their mobile phones, implying that it will be easier to reach them when your adverts are optimized for mobile phones as well. You should therefore ensure that the adverts will be visible on the smaller screens of mobile phones and tablets and not just target desktop and laptop users alone.

Use of videos

The main attraction of videos is the fact that it can easily be used to entice people. You are able to use both moving pictures and sounds to your advantage towards convincing a person to patronize you. This is coupled with the fact that a lot of people now watch videos on the Internet, with an average of 8 billion videos being watched on Youtube on a daily basis. Using video to boost your campaign is therefore very imperative.


Pictures are also very attractive as you are able to portray a lot of information with the aid of pictures and text properly blended together in the right font and color. Pictures are commonly being used to express feelings and for status updates on social media instead of text. This is because they get more attention and doing same for your business will be beneficial.

Applying these marketing trends for your business will go a long way to expose your business more. This will in turn enhance your business’ profitability.

As a website promoter and social media marketer, I have seen a lot of techniques for website promotion come and go as well as social media marketing trends. I have also experienced how the promotion of website and marketing on social media have enhanced the quantity of traffic to a website as well as increased the how much profit businesses that engage in such are able to make.


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