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What is search engine optimization and how can I create web pages that are optimized for search engine?

Search engine optimization entails creating a web page that can rank high on search engine web pages. It is the dream of every web owners that their website appears on the first page of a top search engines such as Google. This is because a lot of individuals do not go beyond the first and second pages of the search results whenever they carry out a search for a particular information. To achieve optimization of search engines, some strategies need to be put in place by the creator of the web page. Prominent amongst these strategies use to be the use of keywords, even though importance of this is currently being deliberately reduced due to keywords abuse. It is however still very important, as your post would only rank high when certain keywords that are in line with what the user is looking for are on your page. Overall however, when you have a quality and informative post on your web page, it will have a good ranking compared to those that have articles of lower quality.

What are keywords and how do I know what keywords to use?

seo-411385_1920Keyword is generally a phrase that portrays the center point of your articles. The general idea about knowing what keyword you should use is to put yourself in a user’s shoe. Imagine you want to search for the information on your web page, what phrase will you type in the search engine? This phrase will actually serve as a keyword for your web page. Different people might type the same phrase in different ways. These different ways form the variations for your keyword. All you have to do is to list out this different phrases and then look for how to put them naturally into your article.

Is it possible to specify what group of people I am trying to reach out to when paying for an advert on the Internet?

Yes, it is very possible to specify the target audience for your adverts when you are paying for adverts. Most websites where you can pay for advert services allows you to specify age group, gender, country or region of residence as well as profession of those you want to see your advert. You could therefore target individuals who are between 18 and 25, male, residing in the US and are students of college. Your adverts will therefore be targeted to only individuals who fit within this range.

If I pay for Google adverts, how does Google determine people who see my adverts?

Apart from the specifications that you have stated as your target audience, Google also uses the recent search on individuals on their search engine to determine who sees your advert. If you sell solar lamps for example, individuals who are searching for or recently searched for solar related information will tend to see your advert. This is because the individual’s interest in solar could also imply an interest in buying solar lamp.


As a website promoter and social media marketer, I have seen a lot of techniques for website promotion come and go as well as social media marketing trends. I have also experienced how the promotion of website and marketing on social media have enhanced the quantity of traffic to a website as well as increased the how much profit businesses that engage in such are able to make.


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