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Influential Design for the Media Purpose In 2016

Website design for the media purpose over the internet is constantly changing, and it has becoming more of a treat for the website designers to keep up the pace and trying something new. The year 2016 witnessed some of the major changes in the website design trends and based on those changes; we are presenting you the top and most loved design trends.

  • Microinteractions

This trend was loved, precisely by the mobile website designers, and it is meant for the same platform. These are better known as the minor interaction between the bigger interactions, and the best example is the changing of the color of the button to refer that it has been pressed, or making a “bing” sound to show that you have received a new message. This is may be the small and little change, but it surely will create a great user experience.

  • Cards

Cards are the designs that are similar to the blocks and are put together with the relevant information together into a single container or card. These are used mainly by the shopping websites as these works well in there. When the image of a product with its detailing are put together in one box, they are creating a form of a card. You can also get examples from Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. This design allows a website to put a lot of content on one page.

  • model-849762_1920Minimalism

Minimalism is the latest trend that is being loved in the year 2016. Finalize an image with a single color, a single focal point on one screen, a great amount of space, and an impactful text. This trend is a great way to focus on the image based content, and it simplifies the user experience while creating an impactful visual image. But, with this, you still need to create specific directions.

  • Typography

This is another website media trend that is getting a lot of consideration in the present times. It is more of graphic design, website design, and illustration. When you use hand-made typography and customized fonts for your website, it gives a personal touch to the website and gives your brand something that is unique and original, and your users will be able to relate to it.

  • Illustrations

Similar to the typography, illustration is the news trend in the world of website designing. It brings more creativity and personality to the website pages, precisely to the home screens. Except for the photos, illustrations can be used as per your websites’ requirement, and add a creative and artistic elements to it.

  • Vibrant colorscolors-185425_1920

Yes, you read it right! We are talking about the vibrant colors to be added on the website and not just on clothes. The use of vibrant colors has not only made its way to the world of fashion but also to the website designing trend. When you use vibrant color, it attracts more customers and gets into their sight.

So, these are some of the amazing website design trend for media purpose that is rocking the world of entire website designing, try them, now.

As a website promoter and social media marketer, I have seen a lot of techniques for website promotion come and go as well as social media marketing trends. I have also experienced how the promotion of website and marketing on social media have enhanced the quantity of traffic to a website as well as increased the how much profit businesses that engage in such are able to make.


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