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Acquaint Yourself with the Latest Website Design in 2016

The world of website designing is interesting, and the fact that it keeps on evolving makes it challenging for the web designers. There is always something new that make its way in the world of designing that makes the old trend go into oblivion. If you have an online business setup and you have a website for the same, it is crucial for you to keep the pace with the latest trend making its way to the website designing.

Today, based on these constant changes in the website designing trend, we are making you get familiar with some of the latest website design in 2016 that are supposed to change the entire diagram of the online business.

  • Hero Images

Every website designer is working hard to create a design that will attract a number of visitors, and nothing is better that capturing a user’s attention than using an arresting image. Adding an HD image, precisely an HD hero image will result in a call to action and users will be compelled to click to your website and this further will increase the conversion rate as well. Added with the bandwidth and data compression, users hopping on your website won’t face trouble with loading the page.

  • Videos and animationsdancing-dave-minion-510835_1920

The majority of the people hate reading about anything or everything, and if you are using more of the content in your website, chances are there that the majority will end up getting bored. Using videos or animations is the latest trend that is being used by the web designers to attract the users and retain their interest throughout. Also, when you are using a video or even the simplest form of animation, it will increase the visibility of the website.

  • Hover animation

When a user is hopping on to your website, and get confused with an element there, the first thing they do is to hover their cursor and effort over it. At this moment, using hover animation can be proved useful. Hover animations help to capitalize off this instinct and provide the user an instant feedback, and this makes the browsing experience of the users simple and continuous.

  • Scrolling

These days, a single page website is much in trend, and almost every web designer is indulged in creating one. The best part about these one-page website designs is their scrolling part, and with the scroll navigation, they can pc-mouse-625152_1920navigate through the entire website. This is because the scrolling creates storytelling opportunities and is more friendly when used on the mobiles. This also allows the user to manage their speed.

  • Motion Animation

Another amazing website design trend to dominate the year 2106 is the motion animation. When you use a movement, human eyes get drawn to it, and they like to see things moving. So, imagine the impact it will create when you are using it on your website. Motion animation will make users interested, and it certainly will create more engagement.

So, these are some of the website design trends that are getting followed in the year 2016.

As a website promoter and social media marketer, I have seen a lot of techniques for website promotion come and go as well as social media marketing trends. I have also experienced how the promotion of website and marketing on social media have enhanced the quantity of traffic to a website as well as increased the how much profit businesses that engage in such are able to make.


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